Identifying and Selecting A Thesis Statement

The first step in writing a thesis proposal is the identification and selection of a thesis statement or a research problem. Many students find it difficult to write a thesis proposal because they are confused in selecting a thesis statement. This might be due to any of the following reasons:

Too many thesis statement that the student is considering
A common source of difficulty in choosing a thesis statement is the situation when the student is considering two or more thesis statement and is unable to decide on which one to pursue. The best solution is to pursue the first workable statement or problem that come along.

Very often, students do not stick to their first choice, and this results to delays in conduct of their research projects.

The needed data is difficult to obtain

Another source of difficulty is when a student chooses a very interesting thesis statement, but the needed data are difficult to obtain. An example of an interesting thesis statement a student may consider was "Nonverbal Corrupt Behavior of The Government Employees". If this would be discuss in class, many of the students would have difficulty of obtaining the needed data.

Not all social statements or problems are empirically testable

Social statements or problems of this nature are called metaphysical statements. An example of metaphysical statement is "What is the effect of the mass media on the moral character or the youth? The phrase "moral character" is a highly abstract concept which is difficult to measure. To have a workable thesis statement, the concept "moral character" should be reduced to a more concrete level. Moral character can be more reflected in a specific behavior or attitude. Thus: "What is the effect of the mass media on the attitude of the youth toward premarital sex?" "Attitude towards premarital sex?" is a measurable component of the concept "moral character"

Students does not know how to specify a thesis statement

 In most cases, students don't know how to specify a thesis statement in choosing a thesis topic. To illustrate, the statement on organizational grapevine may be seen as a social statement by a sociologists but as a communication problem by a communication specialist. Studying only the communication dimension may be sufficient for a thesis.

The students may not know the sources of thesis statement

Many students spend endless hours of searching for a thesis statement in the wrong places. If only they know how to write a thesis statement, it should be directed at the proper sources, the identification of a thesis statement can be a much easier task.